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Vinyl Laranja

Vinyl Laranja is an alternative rock band with a strong identity and striking Rock’n Roll attitude that completely challenges your notion of Brazilian music. Founded in 2004, back when the members were high school boys messing around on their guitars, Andro Baudelaire, Bruno Folha and Lucas VH, have been performing together ever since. After performing at nearly every pub and venue in their Amazonian hometown of Belém, the band is artist ambassador of the humanitarian project “Project MIOS” (Boston,MA-USA), achieved national and international recognition by winning the third edition of the CCAA FEST with an original song and have performed at renowned festivals such as Ponto CE (CE-BRA), Calango (MT-BRA) and SXSW (Austin, TX-USA). Their latest work, the album “Unchangeable Past Fleeting Future", was produced by Andrew Hernandez and Kevin Szymansky (also sound engineering of bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters) and was recorded at the great 12th Street Sound and Estuary Studios in Austin, TX. Their songs are all available for online listening at Spotfy and Dezeer and downloadable on iTunes.


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“Showcasing bands such as Vinyl Laranja, represent both the diversity and universal appeal of Brazil’s new generation of artists.”

Tracy Mann, publicist with New York City-based MG Limited and SXSW consultant – SXSWorld Magazine

“I had a great time listening to Vinyl Laranja’s sixth release, Rooster Illusion. This cd has fabulous musical arrangements, wonderful vocal work, and contains a collection of fun songs. Although, this cd has 14 tracks, and I enjoyed them all, there are two tracks that stood out. Those two songs are Mr. Blue Sky and Maryanne. Both songs could easily make it on the radio with their catchy rhythms and lyrics. These lads from Brazil are definitely on the right track of the music scene with this release.”

Al Homfeld - Music Dahl founder

"The unexpected attitudes of the vocalist Andro, that even knelt while playing his guitar in their presentation, stirred the audience who witnessed another great moment of the authorial rock in the State of Pará”

“If local producers were not clever enough to grab the treasure they had, the people from the internationally acclaimed South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, were. And Vinyl Laranja has a chance to become the first band from Pará to play at a gringo festival.”

Caco Ishak – Journalist, founder and curator of the virtual urban art gallery baixocalã

“Perhaps you have not heard about Vinyl Laranja, but you should better pay attention to this name. The band, alongside other like Molho Negro and Turbo, forms the Growing Music Scene in the north.”

João Pinheiro -